Adding Active Learning Assignments to Blended Learning, or not?

After reading the BlendKit2014 Chapter 4 materials on how to merge active learning, blended course concepts and technology to my courses I felt a bit like this…

I think this will work…I hope this will work…I am confident this will work (I think?)

So I tried several attempts at putting my assignment ideas for a blended course into the direct/indirect/online grid, I found the linear format to be too strict. So I found myself drawn to the following Learning Assessment Cycle Grid.

Learning Assessment Cycle with Blended Learning Activities noted

Learning Assessment Cycle with Blended Learning Activities noted

This cycle is how I already think of learning assessments and planning cycles, and the technologies are built into the online assignments: Blog, Discussion Board and Wiki tools within the LMS system and scorm video tutorials available from the publisher and through our Atomic Learning license. These are using interior technologies for a 100 level introduction to computers course.

When teaching a higher level course with more theory I would use technologies like VoiceThread and Google Apps collaborative tools.