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MADDtech Life Report: November 5, 2014

Many things are on my mind this month. Thankfulness, Alignments, Assessments, Snow…

Thankful for the position to be here at UAA, my favorite place in the community, and work diligently toward student success.

Concerned the learning outcomes don’t have alignment with my assessments in my course that I am teaching, but I teach alignment of these things to faculty…the quandary, how do I convince the coordinator to change, just slightly tweak, the outcomes and assessments into alignment in a way that produces more successful student outcomes? The biggest challenge for me as a teacher is the students who do not pass based on a standard level of points, even though they have learned the basic skills.

My favorite quote this week:The most dangerous phrase in the language is ‘we’ve always done it this way.'” ~ Rear Admiral Grace Hopper

July 10, 2014

I am always thinking about how technology can become a part of learning. And on my mind recently has been what are 21st Century Skills?

I am taking a MOOC course called Assessment and Teaching of 21st Century Skills from The University of Melbourne and the conversation is intense.

I believe the standard in higher education is to assume students come to us as “digital natives” but I believe we have been misinformed. Younger generation students might have more online skills with products such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but they may not have the skill it takes to really use digital skills in an academic setting.

I am looking at the research regarding 21st Century Skills and will post what I find here. Definitions, conclusions & quandaries, statistics etc. Come back for more!

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