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FYI – Microsoft 365

In class today a student alerted me that Best Buy was running a Microsoft 365 special something like $49.99 for a four year license for college students & staff. You might share this with students who would like to have a copy.

Microsoft has it here for $79.99 which is still a pretty good deal!





How to Focus Attention in Adult Learning and E-learning

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Studies show that focus is a key attribute for performance improvement and success in life. Yet today’s modern workplace is full of distractions, from text to tweets. Check out these effective techniques for increasing focus for adult learners participating in e-learning, classroom training, and other learning events.

Lara N. Madden‘s insight:

This is an interesting aspect of elearning, focus, focus, focus

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The Nine Events of Instructions – Review, What do you think?

Robert Gagne’s Instruction Design Model: “The Nine Events of Instructions” C. Pappas Video

Step 1: Gain Attention

  • Capture the attention of those learning (animated tutorial)
  • Stimuli that ensure reception of coming instruction

Step 2: Inform Learner of Objectives

  • Internal process of expectancy
  • List of learning objectives
  • Level of expectation for learning
  • What will the learner be able to perform after the instruction?
  • Motivate the learner to complete the lesson.

Step 3: Stimulate Recall of Prior Learning

  • Recall of existing, relevant knowledge
  • Retrieval to working, short-term memory
  • Previous experience, previous concepts
  • Correlate new information with prior knowledge

Step 4: Present Stimulus Material

  • Display the content
  • Pattern recognition; selective perception
  • New content (chunked, explained, then demonstrated)
  • Multimedia (audio, video, graphics)

Step 5: Provide Learner Guidance

  • Guidance on the new content
  • Chunking, rehearsal, encoding
  • Assist learners in order to encode information for long-term storage
  • Guidance strategies (case studies, examples, mnemonics)

Step 6: Elicit Performance

  • Practice (new skills or behavior)
  • Confirm correct understanding
  • Demonstrating learning
  • Retrieval, responding

Step 7: Provide Feedback

  • Specific, immediate feedback on learner’s performance
  • Reinforcement, error correction

Step 8: Assess Performance

  • Post-test, final assessment
  • No additional coaching; feedback
  • Mastery of material

Step 9: Enhance Retention and Transfer

  • Determine whether or not the skills were learned
  • Apply the skills that were learned
  • Retention, retrieval, generalization

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Some new and amazing features coming in Spring 2014 – Date Management

Check out Blackboards Quick Hit Video Blackboard Date Management.

This tool allows you to use course start dates to shift all your course deadline dates either in one step, or you can review each assignment date to adjust them in a one page report.

This will be a time saving feature for sure!


The Creative Spirit of Design

Instructional Design  & Creativity

The Creative Spirit of Design


If instructional designers hold limited views about their practice they sometimes adopt formulaic routines that do not help them accomplish the goals they believe are important, or develop instruction of a quality envisioned by the field’s innovative theorists. Fortunately, designers canavoid these unfavorable results in part by understanding and exemplifying the creative spirit of design. In this article the author examines the creative spirit of design, exploring its imaginative, creation-oriented, and inter-disciplinary character. The author also describes how the creative spirit can help instructional designers remain flexible and perceptive in their practice, and by so doing be better able to create effective and innovative instruction of a quality consistent with their ultimate ideals.


Game Thinking – Breaking it Down – Business 2 Community

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Game based learning. Give the people (kids) what they want. @EdTech_K12 @edutopia #edtech #edtechchat #edtechnewbie

Lara N. Madden‘s insight:

Serious fun is on it’s way…

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Choosing Which Web Tools Are Right for You

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Lack of availability isn’t what holds many teachers back from incorporating digital elements in their classrooms. In fact, many have the opposite problem: They’re overwhelmed by too many options.

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10 Powerful Screencasting Apps For Mobile Devices

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Got a device in your classroom? These powerful screencasting apps will open up a whole new world of learning for students!

Lara N. Madden‘s insight:

I love screencasting!

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BE010: Jim Julius: Universal Design for Learning in Online and Face to Face Education

BE010: Jim Julius: Universal Design for Learning in Online and Face to Face Education.


Flipped Classroom, Layered Learning, Using Online Content to reformat you class

So the buzz of flipped classroom is hitting higher education hard and fast. But as a parent of kids in jr. high & high school I see they have been doing this for awhile now. The idea is students come to class to create. To discuss. To become engaged.

Standard higher ed classes are lectures to hundreds of students, right? One professor lecturing all of their amazing (and I mean that seriously) knowledge to students to listen and retain, then to spit out on a multiple choice exam.

Flipped? Layered?

Think reading the content, watching the lectures online previous to coming to class, and engaging in dialogue, discussion, maybe an activity to gain insight regarding the content. Talk about the content, find relevance in the content, bring the content to life.

Layering group assignments, team-based assignments and service learning in there for students to manipulate the content.

They want to learn, they are here with a life goal in mind.

Lets work on flipping our classrooms to enhance our experiences and push the envelope. Let’s take it to the next level. Lets push it…

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