Blog Building 101: The Social Marketing Academy ~ iTunesU

Today I am listening to a free resource thorugh iTunesU called Blog Building 101. This is WordPress based, but he gives 15 minutes of why businesses are using blogs.

Top reasons to have a blog are to drive traffic to your website, basics and figuring out if you can manage your own blog.

What do you share? Anything…it’s a journal, it’s conversational, it is a conversation starter. You use this blog to “talk” to your clients/customers in a casual way. It also allows these clients to interact in real-time. Yet you can use it as a private space to collaborate with your research, writing and self assess what you really want to share.

What pages do you need? For UAA Staff & Faculty you can focus on a single blog page, but if you have an ePortfolio you can have a Home, ePortfolio, Blog etc., that go along with your content/focus.

Why blog? This depends on your goal and focus. Some people blog to share ideas and content they feel is relevant, think political content. Some blog to capture thoughts on content and ideas, but also to share these ideas with either a specific group, say other faculty or researchers in that area, or a team, like here at AI&e we have a team of Instructional Designers and I like to share information relevant to our profession and work with our clients.

If you are trying to gain credibility in your content area or research field you may want to collaborate and share more openly than if you are using your blog as a place to collect your works to organize at a later time. When you share your content, research etc. it builds credibility according to the Social Media Marketing Academy. But only if you are sharing it where your peers can find it.

You can use a blog as a place to produce pages or chapters of a book, pages or chapters of a dissertation, a chapter you are writing for submission to a publisher etc. You can even use it, set to private, as a journal of ideas.

The thing is, it is up to you how you use it.

That’s the beauty of the blog…it’s in the cloud, it’s flexible and it can be shared in so many ways.

Once you have established your blog, using social media to share it out to your readership is the next logical step, but that is really an additional blog post, which I will create and give to you all next week.