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What ExAcTlY is an Online Teaching Space?

image of computer screen with instructor and chalkboardIn a few discussions that I have been a part of lately, including updating the UAA Student Fact Finder Blackboard information, it has come to my attention the definition of “Online Teaching Environment or Space” can be a little vague, or even misunderstood.

So let me clarify it for you as far as UAA Academic Innovations & eLearning is concerned.

All classes in the UAA Class Schedule receive an online course shell in UAA Blackboard. This means traditional, hybrid or online courses all have an online space for faculty and students to use during the course of the semester.

Why is this important to you?

  1. You can create online content that your students can access 24/7
  2. You can engage students in online discussions outside the classroom
  3. You can send announcements and information to students outside a classroom
  4. You can encourage students to collaborate using these tools and publish work to share with their classmates
  5. You can use the Grade Center features to collect, review and submit grades to students online. This thing is really a time management hero!
  6. You can track when students submit assignments and create quizzes and other learning modules that auto-grade.
  7. You can build it and reuse modules in subsequent semesters
  8. You can import publisher test banks and create unique tests & quizzes
  9. You can embed video/audio and other online resources for students to review previous to class
  10. You can create your own video/audio or online media and embed it in your online space

Is 10 enough? There are more really great things you can do using this space! Currently Blackboard is the learning management system at UAA, and students also have Google Apps for Education and other online options to use in their personal learning environments.

Need help with organizing and setting up an online course environment? Give me a shout!


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