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New Study: Engage Kids with 7x the Effect | Edutopia

New Study: Engage Kids with 7x the Effect | Edutopia.

This blog by Todd Finley @Edutopia gives a great list of how faculty can add authentic engagement to their classes. Need ideas & examples for face to face and online engagement…give me a call!

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Excerpt  from “Engage with 7x the Effect….

Engagement Method #1: Lively Teaching

Involves group work, games, and projects. The emphasis is on the students constructing knowledge, not on the teacher delivering it. Think social and fun.

Engagement Method #2: Academic Rigor

The instructor creates cognitively demanding tasks and environments (called “academic press”), emphasizing that students will need to work hard. The teacher also shows passionate investment in the content. According to research that Cooper cites, students’ perception of challenge is a strong predictor of achievement gains.

Engagement Method #3: Connective Instruction

In connective instruction, the teacher helps students make personal connections to the class, content, and learning. The power of connective instruction comes from the instructor helping students see the curriculum as critical to their current lives, their future, and their culture. Additionally, six instructor behaviors play into creating high quality relationships where, according to Andrew Martin, students “actually internalize the beliefs valued by significant others.”

  1. Promoting relevance: relating content to students’ lives.

  2. Conveying care: understanding learners’ perspectives.

  3. Concern for students’ well-being: demonstrating knowledge of students’ lives.

  4. Providing affirmation: telling students they are capable of doing well; using praise, written feedback, and opportunities for success.

  5. Relating to students through humor: showing that you enjoy working with young people (not as a class, as individuals).

  6. Enabling self-expression: connecting learning and identity by encouraging students’ expression of ideas, values, and conceptions of self.

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