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Instructional Design Models and Theories – eLearning Industry

Instructional Design Models and Theories – eLearning Industry.

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What follows is not just a simple trip down the history of instructional design, its models and theories. Each of the following 33 instructional design milestones has been chosen not only for its importance in the field of learning, but also for its impact for future generations, research and various related disciplines, such as psychology, sociology, anthropology, demography, and even biology and physiology.


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Your Prezi Editor, more intuitive than ever

We’re excited to tell you about some relatively small changes that we think will have a really big impact on how easily you use the Prezi Editor. You’ll notice these changes in your online and desktop editor over the next few weeks. All the tools you know and love are still there, but we’ve moved them around a bit to better fit with how you work.



Why Connected Learning? – Connected Learning Alliance

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Why Connected Learning? For more than a century, educators have strived to customize education to the learner. Connected Learning leverages the advances of the digital age to make that dream a reality — connecting academics to interests, learners to inspiring peers and mentors, and educational goals to the higher order skills the new economy rewards. …

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The goal here is clear and needed in this day of confusing ideas. Connect, learn, make it relevant there is so much access to information our learners need to understand the WHY

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