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Connected Classroom with Google+ Field Trips on HangOuts

What is Connected Classrooms?

Connected Classrooms is a new program on Google+ that makes it easier for teachers to connect their students with virtual learning opportunities on Google+.
How do I take part in Connected Classrooms?
By joining the Connected Classrooms G+ Community, you will be connected with other
teachers and educational organizations to participate and launch your own virtual field
What is a Hangout On Air?
Hangouts On Air are live video conferences with up to 10 participant screens that are
broadcasted on Google+, recorded onto YouTube, and are fully embeddable on external websites.
What is a Virtual Field Trip?
Virtual Field Trips use Hangouts On Air to connect classrooms with unique learning
experiences provided by a variety of educational partners on Google+
● Virtual Field Trip Video
● Zoo Atlanta Virtual Field Trip case study

For Connected Classrooms, virtual field trips can mean all kinds of learning experiences
provided via Hangout On Air. They could take the form of a virtual tour of a facility, a
conversation with an expert, a show-and-tell session with museum artifacts or a
collaborative activity with another classroom across the globe.

Connected Classroom from Google+


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